Paracetamol reduces ability to empathize, study finds

Paracetamol, the active ingredient in most painkillers and antifebriles, are proven to reduce the ability to empathize, according to the scientists of Dokuz Eylül University's Faculty of Medicine. The...Click To Continue

China rolls back ban on tiger, rhino products in medicine

China says it will allow trading in products made from endangered tigers and rhinos under "special circumstances," reversing a previous ban and bringing condemnation from conservation groups. A notice...Click To Continue

Protect your health with immune-boosting nutrition

Good nutrition is essential for a strong immune system – that offers protection, especially from seasonal illness such as the flu and cold. However, do we know what these immune-friendly foods are?Click To Continue

Few smokers know about added sugar in cigarettes

Very few smokers know there is sugar added to cigarettes, a new survey suggests. In addition, very few realize that added sugar increases toxins in cigarette smoke, the study authors wrote in the journal...Click To Continue

Turkish scientist makes key discoveries on cancer treatment

Turkish scientist and Prof. Dr. Ali Mazhar Adli, who conducts studies at the University of Virginia in the U.S., has made two significant discoveries for the treatment of pancreatic and ovarian cancers. Speaking...Click To Continue

Canadian doctors to subscribe free art museum visits for patients as treatment

A group of Canadian doctors are to begin prescribing trips to an art gallery to help patients suffering a range of ailments become a picture of health. A partnership between the Francophone Association...Click To Continue

New smart lenses improve vision for cataract patients

A Netherlands-based biotechnology firm has developed new trifocal intraocular lenses that can help patients with cataracts and eye defects. The "smart lenses" were developed at the firm's research and...Click To Continue

Istanbulites pick bicycles to avoid traffic jams, lead a healthy life

More and more people in Istanbul are picking up bicycles as a way to avoid traffic jams and lead a healthy life. Bike renting services and bike lanes introduced by the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality...Click To Continue

Turkish surgeons restore sight to 420 Ethiopians

A Turkish charity has given new hope to some residents of Gelemso town in eastern Ethiopia by bringing in ophthalmic surgeons who have helped hundreds of them see again. "All 420 cataract patients have...Click To Continue