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Tikler yer değiştirebiliyor!

Göz kırpma, baş sallama, omuz silkme gibi tikler, çocuğun hayatını olumsuz etkileyebiliyor, ailesi ve çevresiyle olan ilişkilerini bozabiliyor. Göz kırpma şeklinde başlayan tik bozukluğunun 1 ay sonra baş sallama şeklinde devam edip yer değiştirebileceğine dikkat çeken uzmanlar, çocuğu sürekli uyarmanın tik bozukluğunu uzun vadede artırdığının altını çiziyor.

Merdiven inip çıkarken diziniz ağrıyorsa önemseyin!

Dizde kireçlenme sorunu günümüzde insanların çok sık karşılaştığı problemlerden biridir. Oldukça yaygın olarak meydana gelen bu problem ağrılara neden olmaktadır. Sağlık teknolojisinin gelişmesiyle birlikte tedavi yöntemleri de gelişmiştir. Anesteziyoloji ve Reanimasyon Uzmanı Dr. Mehmet Ali Elmacıoğlu, diz kireçlenmesinin tedavisi hakkında açıklamalarda bulundu.

Researchers Find Microplastics in Stool Samples

Tests reveal both tap water and bottled water1 contain microplastics, as does your household dust2 and many foods, especially seafood3,4 and sea salt,5 but also any food that has been stored in plastic packaging. The suspicion that we’re consuming our own plastic pollution was recently reconfirmed when researchers reported the discovery of microplastic particles in […]

Mistletoe Injections for Tumor Treatment

According to the National Cancer Institute,1 an estimated 1.7 million new cases of cancer will be diagnosed in the United States in 2018. The most common cancers are breast cancer, lung and bronchus cancer, prostate cancer and colon and rectum cancer. Cancer mortality is higher in women than in men and over 35 percent of […]

Lead Levels Linked to High Blood Pressure

Although lead-based paint has been banned from use in housing since 1978,1 nearly 535,000 children have blood lead levels high enough to damage their health. Nearly 24 million homes still have lead-based paint and contaminated dust, and nearly 5,300 water systems in the U.S. are in violation of lead and copper rules.2 Researchers3 believe conservative […]

Another Class of Pesticides Is Destroying Brains

While there are many sources of exposure to toxic chemicals, the use of organophosphates (OPs) is making news once again for the damage it causes to children’s brains. A group of environmental and public health researchers from the U.S. and Canada suggest prenatal exposure to OPs is putting children at risk for behavioral and cognitive […]

Some Breakfast Foods Contain More Glyphosate Than Vitamin D or B12

Concerns over the health effects of glyphosate — the active ingredient in Roundup and other weed killer formulations — continue to rise as evidence of harm and widespread exposure keeps accumulating. In recent years, researchers have discovered it may affect your body’s ability to produce fully functioning proteins, inhibit the shikimate pathway (found in gut […]